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No contractor in West Texas does more spray foam roofing (SPF) than Adams Roof Tech. Our SPF roofs carry a much longer guarantee than many other types of roof systems.

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Spray Foam

Our motto is: You Get What you Spray For! There is more information in that simple phrase than meets the eye. No contractor in West Texas does more spray foam roofing  (SPF) than Adams Roof Tech, thus no contractor is getting a better price on materials than Adams Roof Tech. The best way, then, to beat us on price is to cut corners- which is VERY easy to do with spray foam roofing, and it gets done pretty often. Learn more here.

Lubbock's Local Trusted Roofer 

With almost a century of combined roofing experience, Adams Roof Tech is your local trusted roofer for Residential & Commercial Roofing Projects. From small roofs, to a 3 million square foot industrial roof project, we have the experience to do your roof job correctly and efficiently.  This expertise along with industry leading technologies make us the ideal candidate for your next roofing job.

Commercial Roofing Services

Business owners require commercial roofing that will preserve valuable pieces of equipment and inventory, protect employees and visitors, and stand up to weather conditions that change dramatically throughout the year. Our team provides installation, leak repair, maintenance, aluminum coatings, and much more. We also install and maintain flat roofs.

Residential Roofing Services

Residential roofs have to preserve the integrity of a structure while enhancing a home’s overall appearance. Maintaining a roof will preserve a home’s value, and we can help make this possible. Adams Roof Tech has experience installing repairing and maintaining all types of asphalt shingle, metal, wood and tile roofs. We insist on top quality inspection practices to ensure lasting quality. We can provide free, no obligation initial inspections. We require no money up front.

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We provide Residential & Commercial services. Inspections are always free and only take 15-20 minutes. After a storm it's always a good idea to have an inspection by a licensed roofer, even if you don't see a leak.

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Notice:  Our reputation with our customers is our number one priority.  Please respect the value of their time and do not contact them directly for a reference.  If you would like to verify references below, please call us first and let us make the arrangements.  Our phone number is (806) 928-6062.  Thank you for your cooperation.

A Few of Our Happy Customers!

Our office is conveniently located in Lubbock Texas since 1980. We're proud to be the roofer that families and business have trusted for over 38 years!

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