I'm Your Huckleberry

The Adams are avid fans of our Second Amendment, as well as Life Members of the NRA, and National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

"I came home to find 3 roofing signs in my yard. I decided to go with you guys because you don't play that game and because you just told me what I needed and didn't try to hard-sell me."

​---Brownfield Customer

Bill Adams

The founder of our company, Bill Adams, was Claims Manager for Mid-Continent Insurance and owned 2 adjusting businesses in the 1960's. In 1969 Bill taught himself to nail on shingles and began building his upstart roofing company. With a focused attention to detail and quality work, in just 10 years he built his roofing company into one of the largest residential roofing companies in Denver, CO. Bill expanded into commercial roofing and managed to land a 1.5 million sq. ft. flat roof project on a former U.S. Army Ordnance Depot. This large roofing project took 1-1/2 years to complete, and just as it was being finished, baseball sized hail hit the project and the insurance company instructed Bill to reroof the project all over again.

​It was during that second phase that Bill invented the Kold King Applicator, a roofing spray rig designed to dramatically reduce labor costs associated with commercial roofing projects. The Kold King Applicator quickly became the top roofing rig in its niche market, and it is still the dominant rig now over 40 years later, being manufactured by Randy Adams in Spur, Tx.

In 1979, thru Kold King, Bill signed a 7-year noncompete disallowing him to have involvement in the roofing industry in any way. Thus Bill opened up shop in Lubbock, Tx.

Tim Adams

​Bill's son, Tim, came to work for the family roofing company in Lubbock in 1980 and has been here now for 37-years. Tim started out as a laborer on a roofing crew, eventually becoming a crew foreman. Eventually Tim ran all work crews. In 1985 Tim began working in estimating/sales. In 1986 Tim became a partner in the company. 

Tim's dad was a pilot since the 1960's and Tim grew up riding around with Bill in his single engine airplanes. The flying bug bit Tim early on and he earned his Private Pilot license in 1985 at Town & Country Airport south of Lubbock. Additional hobbies for Tim were owning and instructing at his karate schools, Spur Karate, Post Karate, and Levelland Karate. 

Clint Adams

Tim's son Clint grew up in the roofing business. Clint graduated from Spur High School in 1999 then attended Texas Tech for 3-years studying business. Clint was a fireman on the Lubbock Fire Department for 5-years before joining the family roofing business full time and becoming a partner in the business in 2013.


Lubbock - Amarillo 

Made famous by Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone, the phrase I'm Your Huckleberry loosely translates to: I'm the right man for the job! The phrase seems appropriate on 2-levels as Tim Adams was born & raised in Dodge City, Ks in one of the town's oldest houses, in which it is said that Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson were in many times as it was Judge Preston's courthouse in the 1860's & '70's.