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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. After a Hailstorm, how soon can you inspect my home or business?

A. We have Project Managers that can be to any location in Lubbock same day. Usually within 4 hours. It's always best practice to have your home or business inspected after a storm, even if you don't see leaks. Inspections are free, and only take 15-20 minutes.

Q: What does your slogan "You Get What You Spray For" mean?

A:It simply means that we give you what you paid for. Especially with a spray foam roof, it is easy to quote a very cheap price for a 1" spray foam roof, if you only give the customer 1/2" of foam. Same goes for the acrylic coating - you as the customer can't tell if it was applied at the manufacturer recommended mil thickness, or if it is just 1/3 as thick as it should be. Sometimes cheaper isn't cheaper.

​Q: You make a big deal out of neat straight lines on your flashes, etc. Why is that important?

​A: It is important because it is a sign that your contractor takes pride in his work. If he takes the time to make the roof details look neat and clean, he probably also did a thorough job in the areas you can't see, such as under AC units.

Q: How long should I expect my roof guarantee to be?

​A: That is a question hit a complex answer. Newbie roofing contractors will sometimes offer a long guarantee hoping that the roof will get hail damaged long before it wears out. Our guarantees are some of the longest in the business, but this is because we have 47-years and 34-million sq. ft. of installation experience and we have become good at making roofs last.

Q: Are all roof guarantees the same?

A: Most have the same exclusions for "acts of God" but ours includes free annual inspections thru the life of the guarantee. We have learned that one of the "secrets: to making roofs last 3-decades+ is being on them around once a year to inspect and correct any minor issues before they become big ones. Example: An AC contract runs his dolly into a roof vent and cracks it away from the roof. If we catch that soon it can be repaired easily at a cost to "us" of less that $5 in material. But if that crack is ignored for years it can result in wet insulation and a repair which costs $1,500+.