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With almost a century of combined roofing experience, Adams Roof Tech is your experience source for spray foam roofing and high performance coatings in West Texas. From small roofs, to a 3 million square foot industrial roof project, we have the experience to do your roof job correctly and efficiently.  This expertise along with industry leading technologies make us the ideal candidate for your next roofing job.  

One of the biggest values in an SPF roof is the energy savings, the R-value. This is the factor that allows SPF to pay for themselves over time. After your new SPF roof is installed, a proper 1" SPF roof looks exactly like a "corner cutting" 1/2 SPF roof from the roof. The same can be said for the white acrylic coating. Minimum thickness is 1.5 gallons per 100 sq. ft., but just 3/4 of a gallon looks the same.

It doesn't perform the same! An SPF roof that is only 1/2" thick with coating that is 1/2 of the specified thickness, will not only not yield the energy saving, it won't last nearly as long. You saved 20% and you got 1/2 the roof! Hardly a bargain.

We have the oldest commercial re-roof in West Texas, many of them now over 30 years old and still performing well. Choose a contractor who has ha d a long history of installing roofs that are at least as old as the guarantee he is offering you.

A $10,000 SPF roof that lasts 5 years was a lot more expensive than a $12,00 SPF roof that lasts 20-years.The roof over your business is the critical protection layer for everything under it. Adams Roof tech is the safe choice with 48 years and 34 million sq. ftp of installation experience!

Adams Roof Tech is a 3rd generation Lubbock roofing company with an emphasis on exceptional service and roofs that provide excellent value and longevity. 

Residential Roofing 

A damaged roof can lead to many problems. Without prompt repair, deeper structural damage can develop. Pests and mold will also take advantage of structural problems and the overall property value can decrease. Repairing damaged roofing to your home is essential if safety, value, and appearances are to be maintained. Adams Roof Tech provides fast, professional maintenance and repair services for homeowners across West Texas. We are proud to maintain a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

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Commercial Roofing 

Whether you have a steep, low sloped, or flat roof, we have a variety of roofing options that can help protect your building. Our flat roof systems include modified bitumen, various coatings, BUR (built up roofing, also referred to as tar and gravel) and a variety of rubber and plastic membranes. We also offer metal sheathing, shingles, and other specialty products for steeper roofs. Our roofing materials come in a wide range of colors and styles, ensuring that they’ll match your building’s design perfectly.